Frequently Asked Questions

What happens at my initial appointment?

Initially we will try to establish how much you are looking to borrow. Once this has been established we move quickly to ensure we have an accurate valuation on the asset you are looking to borrow against. Once this has been completed we can start to produce the loan paperwork. For most assets we can have a loan in place on the same day as enquiry. If using property as the asset we loan against then it may take slightly longer, but we have had this done in 3 working days before.

How much can you borrow?

We offer borrowing from £1,000 all the way up to £500,000+. The amount we can lend is determined by the value of the asset you intend to pledge as collateral. Typically we offer a loan to value amount of 50% – 70%. This is determined by trade prices. Professional valuers assess all the items. This allows us to be able to offer up to three times more than a traditional high street pawnbroker.

How much interest do you charge?

We typically charge between 2% – 6% per calendar month (typical APR 50%). It is dependant on both the asset and also the amount being borrowed. Overall interest is calculated in simple terms up to the seven-month term. At the point the loan is written we issue an early redemption calculation sheet. This clearly details what the cost of the borrowing is throughout the loan and shows the amount due at any point for the duration of the 7 months.

Which items can I us to loan against?

We have a vast experience in providing borrowing against a number of differ assets, these include but are not limited to:

  • Antiques
  • Fine art
  • Fine jewellery
  • Luxury watches
  • Number plates
  • Sports, classic and luxury cars
  • Whisky and Wine Collections

As a guide, we look for a minimum trade value of around £2,000 on high-value assets our clients have full ownership of.  For sports, classic and luxury cars we seek a trade value of not less than £5,000.

Unsure if your luxury asset applies? Just give us a call or drop us an email. We’ll be happy to advise.

When loaning against property we deal with it on a case to case basis, so if you are looking to secure borrowing against a property short term then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When will I receive my funds?

Funds are transferred at the point the loan document is signed. This can normally be done on the same day as enquiry.

What identification do you need?

We are legally required to take at least two forms of identification from you. One piece must be a photographic, government-recognised document like a passport or a driving licence. The other must be a utility bill, bank statement or council tax invoice.

Will the borrowing have an effect on my credit rating?

Never. We specialise in discreet loans.  Your data is never shared with any third parties, and we are not required to make any credit check. Even if you do not redeem your loan, there is no comeback on you as an individual the asset is the full security for the loan.

How do I repay my borrowing?

We can take either full or part payment at any time during the loan period, this can be done using bank transfer, cheque or card.

What happens if I can’t repay my loan or cover the interest accrued?

If you are in a situation at the end of the loan term where you can not repay the full loan there is a number of options. The first is to pay just the interest. If this is possible the original loan can be rewritten on exactly the same terms as before and it allows you another full loan term to repay. If you can not cover the interest then the assets pledged will be sold to cover the loan. If there is any surplus then that is returned to you.

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