Quick Luxury Loans With The Personal Touch

Modern luxury loans combined with traditional values

Since 2013, Edinburgh Asset Finance has been offering quick luxury loans to our personal and business customers. From day one we’ve combined traditional lending principles of fairness, transparency and discretion with the speed and customer service of a bright, modern financial services company. By quickly valuing luxury items like Rolex watches, classic cars and jewellery, we are able to offer the short-term, no-fuss financial solution our customers are looking for.

Our business is self-funded, and not a brokerage. Translation: we make all of our own lending decisions. For our customers that allows us to offer quick luxury loans – often in a matter of hours. Compare that to the time-consuming processes found across banks and other lenders.

We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Due to the unique way we lend, there is no requirement for credit checks or affordability assessments. As well as resulting in a fast loan, this also means we lend without any impact on your credit rating.

A personal approach to luxury loans

Despite our commitment to a refreshing and new way of lending, we’ve retained the personal approach that banks have discarded. So when you call our office it’s a person and not a system who picks up the phone.

Customer service is a priority at Edinburgh Asset Finance. It’s part of the reason why our customers return to us, and also recommend us to others requiring fast cash loans.

So whether you’re looking for a personal or business luxury loan, why not get in touch. The team at Edinburgh Asset Finance looks forward to meeting you.

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