Our Promise - A Luxury Pawnbroker You Can Trust

Luxury Loans with a Clear Client Focus

Across a business defined by valuable assets, we never forget the value of customer service. Whether you are a new client who’s considering using a luxury pawnbroker for the first time, or a professional recommending us to a client or colleague, we hold ourselves to the highest of standards.

As A Leading Luxury Pawnbroker, We Always

  • Act with total discretion and complete confidentiality
  • Deal with our clients in a professional manner
  • Operate in a prompt and timely fashion
  • Listen to our clients’ requirement and tailor our solutions
  • Present our product as transparently as possible – interest rates stated clearly in advance, and no hidden charges
  • Handle and store all pledged assets securely and appropriately
  • Work closely with our clients to ensure they are able to redeem their precious items

As A Responsible Lender, We Never

  • Share clients’ contact or personal details – discretion is particularly important to us
  • Carry out credit checks  – quite simply we aren’t required to, the asset is the security for the loan
  • Harass or chase a client who has not redeemed a pledge for any reason – we respect that it is their right to walk away
  • Undersell unredeemed items – we are legally required to ensure we have achieved a fair price for any unredeemed asset

A fast, fuss-free solution our clients love. Edinburgh Asset Finance is a unique alternative finance company. Our uncomplicated loans process helps those who have valuable assets, but require short-term cash. We treat our clients with respect and understanding. When a short-term cash injection is required, we act quickly and professionally. We pride ourselves on offering a solution that leaves traditional loan options standing. But don’t just take our word for it…

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