Simple Secured High-End Loans Secured By Your Luxury Assets

When you require a fast cash-flow solution, Edinburgh Asset Finance are in your corner. We arrange discreet luxury asset loans against your high-value items.

Our team of valuers brings intimate knowledge to major markets. These include, for example, antiques, fine art, fine jewellery, luxury watches, whisky collections, number plates and sports, classic and luxury cars. You can therefore be certain that seasoned professionals are appraising your asset.


We’re led by experienced appraisers and finance professionals. That means we value your items quickly and fairly.


Our loans are also invisible to banks and financial institutions. Importantly, we never reveal client details to third parties.


Unlike slower options, our loans process releases payment in hours, not days.

Luxury loans for all kinds of people

We arrange luxury asset loans for all sorts of people. Often our clients, from business owners to private individuals, are looking to resolve a short-term cash flow issue. Occasionally, unexpected circumstances can challenge even the most organised person. When this happens, we’re here to help. Are you a business owner looking for a luxury asset loan? Find out about arranging a commercial loan here.

How Are Loans Secured?

We secure our luxury asset loans against our clients’ valuables. These can include fine art, sports, classic and luxury cars, antiques and fine jewellery. Whatever your high-value asset, we hold it safely in our own vault, dedicated warehouse or approved storage facility.


Arranging a luxury loan is fast and easy

Step 1:

Get in Touch

Firstly, get the ball rolling by giving us a call or sending an email. Tell us a little about your high-value asset and we can often give you an indicative loan amount straight away.

Step 2:

Get Your Appraisal

Next, one of our professional valuers will appraise your asset. We’ll subsequently base a firm loan value against this expert appraisal.

Step 3:

Get Your Loan

Our loan offer follows your appraisal. From there, you’re just a signature away from immediate release of funds.

Step 4:

Get Your Asset Back

Lastly, you can repay your luxury asset loan, plus accrued interest, at any time. After that, full repayment releases your asset. Above all, we never impose early-redemption penalties.

A fully regulated luxury asset loan

We are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Edinburgh Asset Finance is regulated in the same way it regulates pawnbrokers. Our business, however, is here for discerning individuals who would never consider visiting a traditional pawn shop.

Professional, personal and competitively priced

As well as great value, we pride ourselves on offering a personal and professional service. In summary, it’s an offering that the high street simply cannot match.

All of our luxury asset loans are for a fixed maximum term of seven months with no minimum term. Minimum APR: 32.25% – Maximum APR: 69%

Representative Example: Total Credit: £25,000. Loan term: seven months. Monthly interest rate: 3% (fixed). Interest for seven months: £5,250. Amount repayable in one instalment: £30,250. 38.4% APR. No other costs are applied and interest is always calculated in simple terms.

Secured Loans. Secured Privacy.

Our luxury asset loans are decided solely on the trade value of your asset. Consequently, no affordability assessments or credit checks are ever required. Credit ratings, therefore, remain completely unaffected by your application.

As well as assuring discretion, our modern, simple approach means funds are normally in your account within 24 hours. That’s how our luxury loans work.

A Nationwide Service

Edinburgh Asset Finance covers the whole of Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen. We also operate across England, actively helping clients in Newcastle, Durham, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. We are headquartered in Edinburgh but due to our modern approach operate across the UK.

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