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COVID-19 - How we can help with a loan during this uncertain time

A fully licensed, self funded lender, providing a prompt and flexible loan against your valuable assets

With the current uncertainty surrounding the UK recovery, Edinburgh Asset Finance are in a position to help. During the Covid-19 recovery a loan from Edinburgh Asset Finance can help you temporarily release the value from your personally owned assets.

If you need to raise some capital in the short term and have some personally owned assets then Get in touch today to and we would be happy to talk through your options. We can help you raise funds quickly and have a loan in place within 24 hours without the need for a lengthy application.

We provide short-term flexible loans against a range of assets – watches, cars, whisky collections and art work to name a few. All our loans are free from credit checks, and have no influence on your credit rating. We require no monthly payments and you are free to redeem the loan at any time with no early redemption penalties.

We are committed to offering a confidential, prompt and professional service to individuals who find themselves asset rich but temporarily in need of short term funding.

Avoid a fire sale of your assets

Unfortunately during this difficult period there will undoubtedly be those who need to raise capital quickly and they may look to do so by selling their assets. Edinburgh Asset Finance can offer you an alternative so that during the Covid-19 crisis a loan solution is available that not only raises capital quickly but we can also allow you some time to avoid a fire sale.


Case Study

Client Profession: Owns short term holiday lets

Asset Used: Luxury vehicle

Amount Raised: £7500

Used for: The client approached us during lockdown after finding us online. With the Governments restrictions placed on movement, they could see that the income generated through their holiday lets was going to be reduced. We had a loan in place the same day, with the customer dropping the car off at our secure storage facility, and leaving with the funds in their bank account.

All pawn loans are for a fixed maximum term of 7 months with no minimum term. Minimum APR: 32.25% – Maximum APR: 69%Representative Example: Total Credit: £5000. Loan term: 7 Months. Monthly interest rate: 5% (fixed). Interest for 7 months: £250 p/m. Amount repayable in one instalment: £6750. 60.17% APR. No other costs are applied and interest is always calculated in simple terms.

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