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With FundingSecure entering administration, we have already been approached by a number of customers looking for our help.  Get in touch today to and we would be happy to talk through your options.

We are committed to offering a confidential, prompt and professional service to individuals who find themselves temporarily asset rich but in need of short term funding.

Are You Looking to Renew your Contract?

There are many customers who had contracts with FundingSecure, and would like to renew these contracts. Unfortunately the administrators are not able to offer this service. However, Edinburgh Asset Finance are here to help. In the majority of cases we should be able to help any FundingSecure customer who is looking to renew their loan irrespective of the asset loaned against. We have experience dealing with a range of vehicles, watches, art work and indeed whisky/wine collections.


Case Study

Client Profession: Electrical Contractor

Asset Used: Rolex

Amount Raised: £6000

Used for: The client approached us after finding us online. They had a contract that was up for renewal with FundingSecure, but this isn’t possible and they faced losing their watch. We were able to take the loan on, and even advance the client a modest sum, as well as giving them the flexibility of a further 7 month term.

All pawn loans are for a fixed maximum term of 7 months with no minimum term. Minimum APR: 32.25% – Maximum APR: 69%Representative Example: Total Credit: £5000. Loan term: 7 Months. Monthly interest rate: 5% (fixed). Interest for 7 months: £250 p/m. Amount repayable in one instalment: £6750. 60.17% APR. No other costs are applied and interest is always calculated in simple terms.

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